It’s Five Minute Friday!  I’ve been gone awhile. But here you go. Five minutes from the word….


Growing up I was not a “dancer” in the tutu-wearing, studio class kind of way. But I did like to dance.

I danced in the kitchen. In my socks, in front of the stove, where I could see a reflection of myself twirling. While my mom washed the supper dishes and listened to a CCM tape of some sort from her boom box. 🙂

I learned from Michael W. Smith’s gravelly voice that “love isn’t love ‘til you give it away” and questioned why people wear that “cross of gold.” I sung along as Amy Grant tried to balance the “hats” on her head. I never liked the song much – sounded minor and funky – and I didn’t really get it.

Back then I only wore one hat – that of a kid. But now… now I get it. I balance a lot of hats on my head now.

But one blessing of being a mom that requires me to wear and juggle and strain under so many hats: when music comes on and I’m at home with my little ones…. my kid hat comes out, and we do a little dance in front of the kitchen stove. Yesterday, we were rapping about “a man with a tat on his big fat belly…”

Happy Friday!  You should go do a little dance 🙂


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