“I Found It!”

My husband calls to me from the other room, “Honey, where’s the special wrench and extra parts for the baby gate (that we installed two years ago)?” (as he’s installing the second one just like it, this time at the top of the stairs).

“The box in the cupboard, maybe?” I reply.

“The cupboard?”

“I mean, the shelf.”

“In the laundry room?”


He looks through it. No wrench.

I’m thinking out loud, “I know it’s around here somewhere. I’ve seen it.”

I check the bottom of the front hall closet. There was a Ziploc of random parts in there for ages, but of course at some point I put it in a better spot – that of course I can’t find.

“Maybe it’s up in the nursery closet.”

“Ah, yes, that could be.”

But Esther’s asleep, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

15 minutes later, as I’m passing by the piles of crap on our stairs that just stay there until I’m organized enough to find a place to put them…

“Uh, honey?” I call.


“I found them!”


“On the steps.”

“These steps?” as he walks towards me.

I hold up the Ziploc bag.

“We’ve had that gate for 2 years!”


Haha! We are so organized 🙂


Courtesy of Five Minute Friday Prompt: “Find”


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