Free to Struggle


This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is the word “free.” (Posting late – better late than never!)

The first thing that popped into my head were lyrics from a Tenth Avenue North song, “The Struggle.” The words to the chorus start, “Hallelujah! We are free to struggle. We’re not struggling to be free.”

The first time I heard these words at a concert a few years ago, I cried.

It is difficult to live in freedom. I tend to set a perfectionistic standard for myself in living; tend to have high expectations. So much of my time is unfortunately spent feeling like things aren’t right enough in my life – externally, internally, in my home, job, relationships, etc. This attitude lends itself – often without me realizing it – to working for the love and admiration that I crave. Ultimately, trying to earn my salvation. That line of thinking is WRONG, false, incorrect.

I struggle. We all do. We all have our issues, things we deal with, that rear their ugly heads in our lives over and over again. But because of Jesus and what he did for me on the cross – dying and paying the debt for my sin himself – we are free. MY STRUGGLE IS NOT FOR FREEDOM. I AM ALREADY FREE.

So, “Hallelujah!!!! We are free to struggle. We’re not struggling to be free. Your blood bought and makes us children. So children drop your chains and sing!”

Find the song here:


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